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Dear Members of TLCA Community,

                    As most of you are aware, that for the last several years, we at the Board of Trustees, TLCA have
                    been striving very hard to come up with our own TLCA Bhavanam, with a modern Auditorium
                    alongwith all other amenities, including halls, rooms and catering facilities, so that, we can organize our
                    TLCA functions, weddings or other personal functions, belonging to our Telugu fraternity and also
                    where our Telugu youth, could organize their youth activities, without looking for other venues.
                    Last year, was a crucial period in the history of TLCA, as for the first time, we have successfully
                    organized an exclusive Fund-raising event, in the form of Banquet Dinner, at Long Island Marriot,
                    towards TLCA Building Fund. Thanks to generous donors and support from the TLCA community,
                    we have been able to raise more than $350,000, so far.
                    However, as you may be aware, with this amount we will not be able to buy any piece of property
                    where we can build our Dream Project.  Hence, we sincerely appeal to all the members of Telugu
                    Community in the U.S., to support TLCA Bhavanam project with your general donations towards
                    TLCA Building Fund and help us serve you better.
                    We are doing this for the future, so that our Youth, who deserve much better, may have a permanent
                    center, not only to showcase their skills and talents but also to nurture and sustain our traditions, culture
                    and language.
                    We welcome any amount of donation, as every dollar counts.  We request you to donate generously,
                    so that we can accomplish our dream of having our own facility.

                    Please make your checks payable to ‘TLCA’ with notation ‘for Building Fund’ and mail them to:
                    Mr.Krishna Maddipatla, 28, Orchid Road, Levittown, New York – 11756.
                    We once again thank you for your kind attention and for your generous support towards TLCA
                    Building Fund.


                                 Chairman                                                 Secretary
                    Dr.Raghava Rao Polavarapu                                       VenkateshMutyala

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