Youth Club

TLCA Youth club is part of TLCA and it is formed with an aim to foster cultural values while giving back to the community. Through a multitude of events per year, the youth club has contributed to disaster relief, philanthropic organizations, and cultural activities. Most notably, the youth club has held charitable showcases to raise money for educating the underprivileged in India. Through Sapna (2014) and Asha (2019), TLCA Youth has raised over $25,000 for this cause. To give back to the local community, the youth group has hosted free medical camps and participates in the annual New York City AIDS Walk.

Particularly in the year 2020, the members of the Youth Club actively participated and supported TLCA service activities to provide aid to COVID 19 victims. The youth Club members actively participated in making face shields and distributing the face masks, face shields, distribution of food boxes and groceries to not only to the Telugu community but also to other communities in Queens, Bronx, and Long Island areas.

In addition to charity events, the youth club also seeks to help younger students in achieving their professional goals. The annual education seminar guides high school students through preparation for standardized exams, extracurricular activities relevant to academic fields, and ultimately creating college lists. The youth mentors have also personally edited personal statements for college and medical school applicants. Over the years, preparation for entrance into medicine, law, and engineering has also been discussed. The youth club has previously conducted Telugu Bees for students in elementary and middle schools, giving them a chance to connect with their heritage.

TLCA Youth has been instrumental in organizing sports competitions and submitting literary and artistic pieces for the annual TLCA magazine. Whether in arts or sports, writing or speaking, TLCA Youth has welcomed members who are interested in a variety of fields. Beyond focusing on Telugu festivals and holidays, the group hopes to create positive change in every sphere, including volunteerism, entertainment, and academia. TLCA Youth Club will continue supporting local and national level Telugu Community in any way it can.

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